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We have stallions, broodmares in foal for 2019, weanlings, yearlings, and 2 year olds ready to start. Most of them are blue, dun, and grulla roans
with some buckskins.

All are half price, but must go to a good home.

For more information contact Walt at 801-430-1316,
or Brenda at 801-549-8893. Texts only please!



Old Time Quarter Horses with




I have been breeding Quarter Horses now for 20 years, and for the 20 years prior I studied pedigrees, conformation, and uses of the different families of Quarter Horse.

In those years, I have visited ranches and farms in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Nebraska, The Dakotas, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and most recently Lexington, Kentucky (2010).

I have studied programs and their horses. In fact, many of the mares we have in the show ring and broodmare band that I did not raise myself came from some of the better programs. I still like the look, size, and attitude of those from yester year. I am not at all into the more popular or recent fad breeding.

In a day with extremely high feed, fuel, and veterinarian costs, and the decreasing value in horses, it is apparent to me that we need to breed for the prospect that can "Do It All", and stay sound and happy in the process. I am committed with the 10 to 12 foals I produce each year to do just that. By looking through the Mares and Stallions pages, you will see in both look and pedigree that I am well on my way to that goal. You can also see some of the Old Time Greats I am trying to fashion the look and ability on my foals to be if you visit the Renaissance page.

I am dedicated to the preservation of the Quarter Horse.
I have produced what I feel is pretty close to the Quarters of yesteryear:

- Medium to heavy muscling
- Heavy bone top to bottom with a good foot as the foundation
- Good heads, both seen and unseen
- Larger bodied, yet retaining fluidity in movement
- Working and willing attitudes that have the passion to chase a cow or a can with the speed to do it
- Versatile Athletes that stay sound
- Minds that make them part of the family

They can pull your buggy to church in the morning and win the match race in the town square in the afternoon, then rope a wild cow that evening back at home after the plowing is done.

I DON'T believe in semen, cooled or frozen, shipped here and there and everywhere. Frozen semen from horses long since retired or dead, the farming of eggs from mares are used where ever in the name of making a buck. I am horrified by the "Cloning" of so-called greats, not much dignity shown to these beautiful gifts of God. The adverse genetic affects will be left in the breed forever.

I DO believe in breeding the natural way - live cover, in the pasture when possible, and giving mares a year or two off now and then as well as having daily contacts with Stallions right along with the Show Mounts. Raising the foals in large groups out in open and safe pastures and breeding responsively. I raise only a few foals each year from mares with the desirable traits and breeding which is the most important, and then a Stallion which out crosses their bloodlines with hybrid vigor as my goal.




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