Walt Hokanson
GOLD MOUNT (Brush Mount)
  1944 Dun PANSY (Madder Music TB)
WHISKEY MUSIC Superior in Halter & Perf.
  1970 Dun/Roan ROM in Cutting REVENUE (Young Midnight)
  Arena and Ranch Horse Sire LADY REVENUE
  Very cowy and Mounts that love to    1957 Roan ROAN LADY R (Roan Hancock)
SNIPPER MUSIC work, sired larger than average &   Dam of AQHA Champions
  1982 Grullo Roan very sound horses.   Dam of ROM Arena EXPLOSIVE (Lightning Bar)
  Snaffle Bit Futurity Winner EXPLOSIVE MAN
  Multiple Winner in reining, cutting,   1962 Sorrel     SI—100   AAAT MANDY TIVIO (Poco Tivio)
  team penning, etc. A proven sire SNIPPER TODY ROM Race, 15 Halter Pts.
  for arena and ranch. Many  1977 Dun Sire of Race ROM SNIPPER REED
  breeding programs have this great      A Proven producing dam in  SNIPPY SPUD
  Stallion as an anchor. Halter, Reining, and Cutting with 1964 Dun CHEYENNE LIL (Royal King)
MACHA ROANY MUSIC lots of Athletic Ability and Speed.   Halter Quality Conformation
  1998 Blue Roan JUNIOR REED (Leo)
  2000 Champion 2 yr old Stallion MACH I
  at Utah State Fair   1960 Palomino    SI—100   AAAT SPANISH JOY (Spanish Nick)
  2000 Resrve Grand at Utah State MACH A ROANY AQHA Supreme Champion
  Fair. Won Multiple Grands &   1971 Gray AQHA Champ, Pts in many areas RICKY TAYLOR (Custus RastusTB)
  Reserves at local County Fairs   AQHA Champ, Points in Halter, RICKY COQUETTE
  and Open Shows.   Working Cow Horse, Heading, 1967 Gray MISS SCATTER BAR (Sugar Bars)
  Sired Halter Champs, and winners MACHALANY POCO NINER Heeling, Western Pleasure, etc.
  in Arena, Trail, Barrels, Reining, 1989 Gray Voted 1983 Horse of the World! POCO DELL (Poco Bueno)
  Working Cowhorse etc. Proven Producer, very good ranch NUNE'S DELL
  80% Roan producer and working mount. Halter type   1959 Brown NUNES POLLITA (San Siemon)
  Listed with APHA body. DELANEY'S DALLY Famous Sire for Ranch & Arena
  1974 Chestnut MR 89”ER (Leo) (King)
  Said to be a Superb Athlete and INDY ANN
  very cowy. 1960 Chestnut DUNNIE D 'OR  (Bras D 'OR)
  Leo, King, & Ben Hur Bred POWER COMMAND (King)
                    COWGIRLS MUSIC KING FRITZ “CHEX”
   2002 Buckskin/Roan Mare   1956 Bay POCO JANE (Poco Bueno)
   AQHA #4260501 FRITZ COMMAND AQHA Champ, with 14 Halter &
   A well Balanced pedigree   1967 Buckskin 23.5 AQHA Perf. Pts. JODIE THE TUFF (Little Jodie)
   with Cow, Speed, Athletic   AQHA Champ, 17 Halter and SUTHERLANDS MISS
   Ability, and  Talent.   111 Perf. Pts.  ROM in Perf. 1951 Buckskin TANGERINE W (Bert)
   The Halter Quality Conformation WARRIOR COMMAND Sired money earners in NCHA, A Leading Dam
   and beautiful color are just an   1981 Buckskin NRHA, NRCHA, and Halter THREE BARS (TB)
   added bonus to this mare!   A Great Stallion that was un-used Full Brother to Bueno Chex TRIPLE CHICK
   Pedigree Hightlights:   until he was aged, I believed him   1955 Brown CHICADO V (Chicaro Bill)
   Three Bars (TB) X 8   to be one of the best Stallions to SUGAR CHICKS AQHA Superior Halter
   King X 10    Leo  X 5   ever stand on the Wasatch Front 1972 Bay A Leading Sire LEO (Joe Reed II)
   King Fritz, Fritz Command,   Discovered By Sherm Bright & Foundation Speed Bred SUGAR MAYDAY
   Music Mount, Mach I, Bert,   Dallas Mumfrord, but way too 1958 Bay FRONTERA SUGAR (Rey)
   Poco Bueno, Poco Tivio, COWGIRLS CHEX late!
   Poco Dell, Triple Chick, St Bar, 2002 Buckskin THREE BARS (TB)
   Sugar Bars, Lightning Bar, Unshown due to injury ST BAR
   Easy Jet, Jet Deck,  Royal King A perfect blend of Cow and Speed   1963 Sorrel     SI—100    AAAT BELLA ST MARY (Spotted Bull TB)
   Roan Hancock, & Revenue Raised by Dallas Mumford FORMIDABLE AQHA Champ, 23 Halter Pts.
    1977 Sorrel      SI—93    AAAT TRULY TRUCKLE (TB)
    Earned 15 AQHA Perf. Pts. TRULY SPOT
    1968 Sorrel         SI—91      AAA LITTLE SPOT (Moon Deck)
  CCS COWGIRL Earnings $2358 Proven Producer
1987 Sorrel EASY JET (Jet Deck)
    1974 Chestnut VIVA DEL (Tonto Bars Hank)
1979 Chestnut SILVER THREE CHICK (Three Chicks)
1975 Black CEE BEES QUEEN(Roan Hancock)