1968 Sorrel PEPPY BELLE (Pep Up)
PEPPY SAN BADGER 175 AQHA Perf. Pts. 1974 &
  1974 Sorrel 1976 NCHA World Champ. GREY BADGER III
  161 AQHA Perf. Pts. 1977 SUGAR BADGER
  NCHA Futurity Champ. 1978 1959 Sorrel SUGAR TOWNLEY
PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY NCHA Derby Champ. Hall of Proven producer.
  1991 Bay Fame. Offspring earnings LIGHTNING BAR (Three Bars TB)
  Stands at the 6666 Ranch in in excess of $20,000,000 DOC BAR
  Texas and is owned by  a   1956 Sorrel DANDY DOLL (Texas Dandy)
  Syndicate. Current fee is $3000 DOC'S STARLIGHT 36 AQHA Halter Pts.
  Multiple Major Aged Event 1968 Bay Leading Sire POCO TIVIO (Poco Bueno)
  finalist. NCHA Money  Earner   60 AQHA Perf. Pts. TASA TIVIO
  A NRHA and  NRCHA all time   NCHA earnings $134,442 1958 Bay CHOWCHILLA PEE WEE
DASH OF IRISH WHISKEY leading Sire. A leading Maternal   COA, Hall of Fame ROM Perf.
  2000 Bay Grand Sire.   A Leading Dam DASH FOR CASH (Rocket Wrangler)
  A Shiner Ranch Sire (Idaho) FIRST DOWN DASH
  Bred and used as a Ranch Horse   1984 Sorrel  SI-105   AAAT FIRST PRIZE ROSE (Gallant Jet)
  Sires fast, athletic and cowy SPIRITED DASHER Earnings $857,256
  Using Types. Sired some good   1991 Sorrel “All American” winner BEDUINO (TB)
  Ranch and Performance horses.   SI—89   AA   $11,533 LIL LADY JEAN
      1985 Bay EASY GOING JEAN (Easy Jet)
    FIRST DOWN LENA SI—92  AAA    $10,920
  1997 Sorrel DOC O' LENA (Doc Bar)
      1979 Bay GAY BAR DIXIE (Gay Bar King)
    DIXIE LENA ROSE 2 AQHA Perf. Pts. Very
  1988 Sorrel Popular Sire CRUSADER BAR (Three Bars TB)
  1980 Sorrel HOLY CRYSTAL
   2011 Brown/Grulla Mare HAPPY HANCOCK(Roan Hancock)
   Purchased as a baby  to ride   1971 Blue Roan MY BEAVER 11 (Beaver Creek)
   and show, and then the  MY BLUE WARRIOR
   Broodmare band. She stuck out   1985 Bay Roan EASY KEEPER (Driftwood)
   like a sore thumb in a pen of   Big, heavy made stud. SETUMUP MISS
   50 babies when we purchased   Very cowy and athletic 1966 Bay ROAN CHICK
   her! Her conformation is very MY CACTUS WARRIOR Raised by Will Gill Jr.
   well balanced and is as pretty    1993 Blue Roan TIGER ROCKET(Three Bars TB)
   as they come. She is very   Good sire for ranch and Perf. I'M A TIGER TOO
   athletic and cowy. She has   Carries the Hancock and   1971 Dun MAY MOON (Moon Deck)
   full siblings that are very    Driftwood cross. MY TIGER LILY SI—93  AAA    $1620
   successful Rope and Ranch   1980 Dun KANSAS GRAY (Kansas Badger)
   Mounts. There are also a      GRAY ROSE
   couple real good Barrel horses   1968 Gray SHES A ROSEBUD
   She has some of the best IMA QUICK CACTUS
   speed bloodlines you can get 1999 Brown ROMANY ROYAL (TB)
   along with some great Dam of several working ranch BEDUINO  (TB)
   Cow Horses Genetics. mounts and has produced some   1968 Gray JO-ANN—CAT  (TB)
   She has 12 crosses to very good performance horses. LATE TO BED 6 wins to 4  2nd Windsor Stakes
    Three Bars (TB)!     1989 Bay Sire of 496 AQHA race ROM TOO TIDY (Tardy Too)
    Track earnings $44,637 1980 Brown I'M LATE (Little Town)
  BED WILD Sire of 47 starters  28 winners SI-97   AAAT   $23,791
1995 Bay 29 ROM THREE CHICKS (Three Bars TB)
Good speed bred mare THREE OH'S WILD
    1972 Brown IDLEWILD  (Leo)
  OH RUTHIE SI—96 AAAT   $32,090
1984 Brown Rocket Wrangler (Rocket Bar TB)
1976 Sorrel MOONBEAM BAR (Wiggy Bar)