RED MAN (Joe Hancock)
  1956 Blue Roan BEAUTY'S DREAM (Valentine)
ROWDY BLUE MAN Very prolific Sire for Ranch,
  1977 Blue Roan Rodeo, and Arena Mounts MANDY'S DART (Three Bars TB)
  62.50% Blue Valentine HYDEL GIRL 44
  An Arena great who has 1969 Palomino HYDEL GIRL (Blue Valentine)
BLUE VALENTINE TWO produced many great Ranch &
  1997 Blue Roan Arena Mounts, Known for GOOSEBERRY (Blue Valentine)
  50% Blue Valentine Heavy  Bone & Muscle PLENTY TRY
  26% Red Man   1982 Blue Roan HEATHER DIDIDEND (Jets Sabre)
  Proven Sire to pass on the  BLUES POLE CAT A proven Sire
  great traits that the Blue 1992 Black BLUE VALENTINE (Red Man)
  Valentines are known for. One of the better daughters of BLUE FOX HASTINGS
  Plenty Try 1975 Red Roan FOX HASTINGS (Plenty Coup)
  2008 Grullo/Roan BLUE VALENTINE (Red Man)
  UC Davis tested EE Black BLUE'S BEARD
  Comes from a long line of Using   1973 Blue Roan MISSUS ROBIN (Reedart)
  Horses from Laramie, Wyo. BLUES ROAN HANCOCK Sired Big, powerful colts
  41% Blue Valentine   1994 Red Roan JET JEANS (Happy Hancock)
  15 X Joe Hancock   2.5 AQHA Perf. Pts. MS LADY BLUE JEANS
  10 X Blue Valentine   Points in Heeling. Sire of the 1985 Red Roan FIRE SHIFTER (Branding Fire)
  4 X Three Bars (TB) DIANNES VALENTINE National Performance Review
  3 X Leo 2001 Grulla/Roan Champion--”Laramie Blues” PLENTY TRY (Gooseberry)
  All Roans in his pedigree A leading producing mare at the DIVIDEND COUP
  Vista Grande Ranch in Laramie   1988 Blue Roan CHUCKER MAID (Gooseberry)
  Come to the Source” STORMIS BLUE HANCOCK Sire for Ranch & Arena
  1997 Blue Roan GOOSEBERRY (Blue Valentine)
  Proven producer CALL ME MISS BLUE
  1984 Blue Roan BLUE'S CALL GAL (Blue Valentine)
   2012 Blue/Grulla/Roan Mare MUSIC MOUNT (Gold Mount)
   HYPP N/N   HERDA N/N   1970 Dun/Roan LADY REVENUE (Revenue)
   This Filly represents many SNIPPER MUSIC Using Horse Sire
   years work, this is what I am   1982 Grullo/Roan EXPLOSIVE MAN (Lightning Bars)
   trying to produce.   Snafflebit Winner. SNIPPER TODY
   She has it all, Size, great   A very  poular Sire for just  1977 Dun SNIPPY SPUD (Snipper Reed)
   attitude, Halter quality  body, MACHA ROANY MUSIC about any  type of horse.
   can run a hole in the wind,   1998 Blue Roan Size, Color, and Conformation. MACH I (Junior Reed)
   big stop, and color!   Multiple times Grand & Reserve MACH A ROANY
   Carries the crème, Roan, & Dun   Champion Stallion. Proven Sire   1971 Gray RICKY COQUETTE (Ricky Taylor)
   genetics.   for good Using type mounts. MACHALANY POCO NINER AQHA Champion
   Highlights include:   1989 Gray NUNE'S DELL (Poco Dell)
   Joe Hancock X 16   Great riding mare and proved DELANEY'S DALLY
   Three Bars (TB) X 14   to be a good producer 1974 Chestnut INDY ANN (Mr 89er)
   Blue Valentine X 10 EASY KAWEAHAN MUSIC
   with Mach I, Mach A Roany, 2004 Buckskin/Roan IMPRESSIVE (Lucky Bar  TB)
   Music Mount, Easy Jet, Tall and heavy muscled mare. IMPRESSIVE DAN
   Leo, King, Top Deck(TB), 10 crosses to Three Bars(TB)   1977 Chestnut    HYPP N/N OLE STRAW BONNET (The Ole Man)
   Pacific Bailey, Impressive, One of the very best broodmares IMPRESSIVE GOLD DUST Halter & Western Pleasure
   and Poco Bueno around anywhere!   1986 Palomino       Champ. PACIFIC BAILEY (Gold Pacific)
HYPP N/N   A “Do anything” type, Ride, SARAH JANE BAILEY
Dam To EASY MUSIC   Show, Drive, Babysit. And  1975 Palomino HOOSIER BEE (Gold King Bailey)
                 MISSILE GOLD KAWEHAN with that great Impressive
1996 Palomino Body Type. HYPP N/N EASY JET (Jet Deck)
Always produced speed and KAWEAH SUNRISE
usability. Always outproduced   1976 Sorrel    SI-98  AAAT KAWEAH BAR TOP (Top Deck TB)
herself.   HYPPN/N KAWEAHAN STAR Popular Barrel Sire
1990 Sorrel WINKEN WAYNE (Spotted Bull TB)
BACK A genetic giant WINKABABE
1976 Gray RUNNY BUNNY(Dude Hancock)
Race winner & 10 perf. Pts.