1977 Blue Roan BEAUTY'S DREAM
BLUE VALENTINE TWO 62.50% Blue Valentine
  1997 Blue Roan Arena Great PLENTY TRY (Gooseberry)
  50% Blue Valentine BLUES POLE CAT
  26% Red Man 1992 Black BLUE FOX HASTINGS (Blue Val
LONG LIVES COWBOYS Producing the same Using type
  2008 Grullo/Roan mount that the Blue Valentines BLUES BEARD (Blue Valentine)
  Product of Come To The Source are known for. BLUES ROAN HANCOCK
  Laramie, Wyo   1994 Red Roan MS LADY BLUE JEANS(Happy Han
  41% Blue Valentine DIANNES VALENTINE 2.5 AQHA Perf. Pts. Points
  EE Black 2001 Grulla/Roan in Heeling DIVIDEND COUP (Gooseberry)
  10 X Blue Valentine A Leading program mare at STORMIS BLUE HANCOCK
  the famous Vista Grande Ranch 1997 Blue Roan CALL ME MISS BLUE(Gooseberry)
PEPPER CHEX COWBOY in Laramie, Wyo Program type Mare
  2012 Grullo/Roan DOC BAR (Lightning Bar)
  Big, Imposing Stallion DRY DOC
  Very cowy and athletic   1968 Bay POCO LENA (Poco Bueno)
  very good minded DRY SPEC A PEPPER 1971 NCHA Fut. Champ
  16 X Joe Hancock   1982 Red Roan KING FRITZ( Power Command)
  10 X Blue Valentine   1986 East Idaho Cutting Champ PEPPERMINT CHEX
  8 X Three Bars (TB)   Snafflebit Winner. A sire for all 1973 Red Roan JESS CHICK (Super Jess)
  8 X King BLUE PEPPER CHEX occassions, very popular  One of the better daughters
  2 X King Fritz (Chex) 2003 Blue Roan Broodmare producer of King Fritz DOC SAN BADGER (Peppy San
  Was a family favorite here at the SAN BADGER BLUE
  Yellow Rose. Everyone wanted   1987 Blue Roan FIVE DOT CHEX (Chex Again)
  a foal from Annie. Produced  BLUE SAN CHEX Popular Using Type Sire
  Stallions and Performers with 1999 Blue Roan RUN N BUC(Petes Runaway)
  her great mind A product of the Zollinger Rh. BOB N DAWN
  in Oakley, Idaho. Very Big, 1984 Buckskin CHAIN BARS LADY(Chain Bar)
      CHEX THIS FOXY LADY and heavy made. Produced just Speed bred
      2015 Buckskin/Roan 1 foal. BAR MOUNT (Three Bars TB)
      Solid APHA Registred SIERRA MOUNT
     16 X Joe Hancock   1964 Palomino SPANISH SHASTA
     10 X Blue Valentine SIERRA G SON AQHA Champ, 18 Halter
     This cross flat worked!   1975 Palomino And 13 Perf. Pts. SURPRISE YOU ALL(Music Mount)
      We retained this mare to      Well known Montana sire. BOOTS SURPRISE
      show and later to breed to   Sired Stallions and producing 1971 Sorrel BOOTS DIAMOND
      Paint Horse Sires.  SIERRA GOLD DUST mares.  Proven Producer
       1988 Palomino HOLLYWOOD GOLD(Gold Rush)
        1990 Utah State 2 Yr old HOLLYWOOD WILMA
        Champ. Multiple Grands and   1959 Dun MISS BADGE 105
        Reserves. Shown in Reining SKIPETTE HOLLY NCHA Money Earner
        Working Cow Horse Points 1977 Dun 9 AQHA Perf Pts. BRETTS PRIDE (Skip San)
    A great sire from Preston ID Proven producing mare, was a GINS SKIPPETTE
    corner stone mare for Lynn 1968 Sorrel GINS UP SET (Star Duster)
  AD GOLD FOXY LADY Quarter Horses in Montana
2004 Buckskin Tobiano FREEWAY FOXY(Sir Quincy Dan)
7/8 Quarter Horse Blood FREEWAY FOXY
Big Heavy Made Mare with   1980 APHA Bay Tobiano DIXIES DREAM BAR
Halter type conformation FOXY GAME PLAN 3 Halter Points
APHA   1987 Bay Tobiano Reserve Grand Champion GAME PLAN (Easy Jet)
    Well Known Utah Paint Sire GAME PLAN FOLLY
    for Halter and Performance 1979 Black TONAS FOLLY (Bobs Folly)
1992 Bay Tobiano AFORETHOUGHT (TB)
    1976 Bay BARS KITTEN (Three Bars TB)
1981 Bay JET MOON (Jet Deck)
Speed Horse Pedigree 1977 Black MS JET MOONS FOLLY
Race Winner and Producer