I have included 13 Stallions and 3 Mares to my list of the Greatest.
(I am in no way saying these are on anyone else's list, and I love all the good ones, these are are just my personal favorites.)
Also, as a note, I believe the balance of genetics 50% Dam and 50% Sire to be out of balance.
I believe it to be closer to 60% Dam and 40% Sire.
These greats are in no particular order, except for King Fritz, he is my #1 Stallion.


King Fritz

Father of the Chex Family
A wide variety of places we see that nick name and that says it all!

Music Mount

Years ahead of his time with his look, Buckskin and the most gorgeous horse I have seen in photo. I wish I could have seen him in real time. All the foals I raise descending from him have the word "Music" somewhere in their Registered name, not mine or a ranch name, all the credit I give to Him!MusicMount

Three Bars (TB)
The SUPREME out cross to the Quarter Horse


Mach I

Has the look of a athlete, and the build of a champion. AQHA Supreme Champion and AAAT.
My hat is off to any race horse that comes in the arena and wins at halter as well as a multitude
of other disciplines, this also speaks of disposition.


Sugar Bars
The all around sire, enough said!


Snipper Reed
Had the look of a Halter horse yet was AAAT with a SI-110 and was a AQHA Champion. Maybe one of the most under used sire ever.

Skippa Star
Prettiest head ever. Adds strength and stamina. Flawless conformation.


Mr. Gun Smoke

Supreme Athlete and had an innate cow sense about him.
Breeds as true to himself through his offspring even today.
Helped the Paint Horse to become better because of his ability to sire the crop-out.



Mach A Roany
1983 Horse of the World, Study his accomplishments, it will take you a day or two.



I know what you might be thinking. . . but what a horse! Our modern day horses could use a lot of his structure. 3 times Bars through the likes of Sugar Bars and Lighting Bar, but a tragedy in the way the Halter breeders inbred and then inbred him again to create these muscled giants, this is where the tragedy of the genetic defect of HYPP came in, breed to the HYPP N/N performance lines and take advantage of his true genetics.


Easy Jet

Raw untempered speed and ability.

Te N' Te

The total athlete, my personal favorite to look at of all time.


Quincy Dan
Has Ruggedness, Strength, and Durability. One of my favorite conformations.




Spanish Joy
The greatest producing mare of all time, with
3 AQHA Supreme Champions (all by different Stallions)
and 5 AQHA Champions.


These greats are the very Foundation
of our breeding program.

I did not list all the records of these few great Sires and Dams, there is not space here to do that, but all included here have long show and produce records. All have proven to be great and modern day sires. All have striking good looks and draw your eyes to them.

I feel it is very important to keep them well built, from their foundation on up, they have proven to be more versatile, athletic, durable, and more valuable. A lot has been debated about the short back vs. the long back. I prefer the short coupled horses, but I think what does matter is that they have balance in their conformation.

Thank you very much to the breeders, trainers, owners, etc. of these masterpieces for giving me a pattern and gene pool to keep them alive for years to come.

Shady Dell
Plain little dun mare in appearance, but a genetic giant as a producer.


Chicado V
When bred to Three Bars she produced Triple Chick, Three Chicks,
The Ole Man, and Chicado Chick, how many times do we see these 4
show up in our modern day race pedigrees?







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